Wednesday, 6 January 2021


 It is always exciting to put in new flooring. It can change the whole look of your house. But you ought to make sure that it is current with the hottest styles and trends. Here are some of the highest hardwood flooring styles for 2021.

Get Lighter

Whereas a decade ago, most homeowners were choosing dark shades for their hardwood, nowadays light is more stylish. French white oak is all of the rage and is ideal for chemical reactive buttery looks that will offer a light airy texture compared to traditional national oaks.

Gray and Beige

Gray has been quite popular over the past couple of years, but that tendency is evolving a small bit. It appears that gray is transitioning to beige and lighter browns. In reality, beige floor is getting a head of steam giving a homey, yet contemporary appearance which will endure the test of time.

Wire Brushed

Many homeowners are not just going with the beige and gray mix, but they are also augmenting it with a wire brushed texture. This texture brushes down soft spots in the wood grain leaving the tempered grains in place making it perfect for hiding scratches and dirt.

Natural Finishes

Some things are classic, and will always find a way back to fame. Natural finishes are coming back in a huge way. This really is a move away from a number of the tendencies we've mentioned previously. There is a big portion of the populace that want to prevent trends that may not be in style in the next several years.

Quicker Planks

Since the year 2000, homeowners have been transitioning towards installing longer and wider planks for their flooring. This can make a room feel bigger and more open. While they're becoming more popular, it is really a traditional appearance from the previous century that may give the home a timeless sense.

No matter what trend you choose for your next flooring project, make it thrilling and make it your own.

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