Thursday, 18 March 2021

Repairing Scratches On Lacquered Wood Floors


If you're searching for help to fix scratches on lacquered flooring, there is one simple answer and that is a lacquer pen. A lacquer pen is a pen which includes wood colored lacquer and permits you to handle random or non-extensive scratches on lacquered flooring. Lacquer pens typically possess a hint that may be adapted to disperse a little or a bigger quantities of lacquer based on the intensity of your scrape.

Broadly , a lacquer pen will make it possible for you to disguise little, place scratches or marginally larger, deeper scratches. Lacquer pens come in many different colors to match the color of your timber. If you are concerned about getting not picked the ideal color, try out the pencil on a discreet part of your flooring before applying it into an apparent part.

When the scratches on your own lacquered floors are extensive, unfortunately a lacquer pencil isn't likely to be an suitable alternative. In case your scratches are the result of day to day wear and tear and then stretch into the entire (or the most important traffic areas) of your flooring, it is most likely the correct time to think about an entire re-sand and re-finish.

A complete, hardwood flooring re-sand and re-finish is far from being a fast job and is something that you need to plan carefully. If you are likely to take on this endeavor yourself, then there are a Couple of things you should think about:

Ensure you've got a fantastic selection of sandpaper from thick, 40 grit, through to nice, which might be anything up to 120 grit.

Eliminate all of your furniture and soft furnishings from the area you are planning to sand. Sanding is a messy business. Remember when moving your furniture to not drag it, lift it instead. Dragging furniture across wooden floors can be really damaging.

When you begin to sand, use the heaviest self indulgent and re-do the ground, working to a finer grit each time (do the same with the edges if you're using an edging sander).

When you've finished sanding, then ensure you vacuum up all the dust which has accumulated on the floor, especially between any gaps in the boards.

Before you re-lacquer your floor, be sure you've left enough time after sanding for any airborne dust to have settled and have been cleared off before moving on to the next stage.

If you are in any doubt about tackling this task yourself, it is probably best to call in the professionals.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021


 It is always exciting to put in new flooring. It can change the whole look of your house. But you ought to make sure that it is current with the hottest styles and trends. Here are some of the highest hardwood flooring styles for 2021.

Get Lighter

Whereas a decade ago, most homeowners were choosing dark shades for their hardwood, nowadays light is more stylish. French white oak is all of the rage and is ideal for chemical reactive buttery looks that will offer a light airy texture compared to traditional national oaks.

Gray and Beige

Gray has been quite popular over the past couple of years, but that tendency is evolving a small bit. It appears that gray is transitioning to beige and lighter browns. In reality, beige floor is getting a head of steam giving a homey, yet contemporary appearance which will endure the test of time.

Wire Brushed

Many homeowners are not just going with the beige and gray mix, but they are also augmenting it with a wire brushed texture. This texture brushes down soft spots in the wood grain leaving the tempered grains in place making it perfect for hiding scratches and dirt.

Natural Finishes

Some things are classic, and will always find a way back to fame. Natural finishes are coming back in a huge way. This really is a move away from a number of the tendencies we've mentioned previously. There is a big portion of the populace that want to prevent trends that may not be in style in the next several years.

Quicker Planks

Since the year 2000, homeowners have been transitioning towards installing longer and wider planks for their flooring. This can make a room feel bigger and more open. While they're becoming more popular, it is really a traditional appearance from the previous century that may give the home a timeless sense.

No matter what trend you choose for your next flooring project, make it thrilling and make it your own.

Friday, 20 September 2019


Wood flooring is seen as a true advantage to a home; it's hailed by some as being the reason for quicker earnings and better sales prices. There is little doubt that wood floors is a practical and stylish solution, regardless of the make-up of your own household. With the right planning and upkeep, a hardwood flooring will last a life and several will grow in beauty as they age.

Kinds of wood flooring

Wood flooring comes in two main forms, solid and engineered. Solid wood flooring is the traditional wood flooring of choice, dating back hundreds of years and often seen in castles and stately homes. As its name suggests, solid wood flooring consists of a single plank of the wood of your choice. Engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is a more recent floor development. An amalgamation of plywood, topped with a solid oak top layer, engineered hardwood floors is a choice that's quickly growing in popularity.

Oak wood flooring Is a Good Option

Oak wood flooring is a great option whether or not you're seeking to add charm to a traditional inside or to make a fresh background for a contemporary styling alternative. It ranges in color from light greyish tones to darker honey colours. Oak wood flooring is an attractive and tough wearing flooring option, chosen by many because of its versatility. It's offered in a whole selection of finishes and ranges and is an extremely inexpensive choice.


Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Many homeowners can find themselves feeling bored and disheartened by the expression of their house - even those who carry out home improvements on a regular basis. Trends in home decoration may come and go very quickly, and keeping up with these tendencies can be very costly.

This had contributed to more and more individuals appearing to refresh the appearance of the home in ways which will stand the test of time and which will still look great many years down the line- and one way of accomplishing this is by replacing carpets with wooden flooring.

Carpets are the floor coverings of choice for many a homeowner for several decades now, even though due to some advantages that they offercarpets are steadily being replaced with hardwood floors.

Whilst they might appear attractive, many rugs simply are not durable enough, although floors assembled from a hard wearing wood like walnut is the best combination of beauty and durability.

As it provides timeless beauty, whatever the present decoration in the house, hardwood floors will only serve to improve it, and will continue to effortlessly improve any future changes to decor.

Replacing your carpets with hardwood wooden flooring will be among the very best home improvements which you ever create.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Improving your home interior with hardwood

Everyone makes choices about their home and interior. We see this increase in tendencies of improving your home with hardwood. A classic hardwood is back on top. The wooden floor in each room gives comfort, tranquillity and warmth and these are the main reasons why our customers are choosing it!

If you’re thinking of putting a new hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have natural beauty and fit well with any interior — modern, traditional, country, you name it! Hardwood are good also for kitchens and basements but there they require a special considerations.

Wood floors fill these spaces with an instant classic feel, traditional look and beauty that you can experience over the years and this is important because home is place that doesn’t just exist outside, but it is living inside us! To have a home that we love is important for our emotional health and also to feel good in our home and there are just a few things that every home should be full of - laugh , games, good vibes and a shiny smooth wooden flooring!